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The new PET studio album with twelve great new tracks is out now!



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TALK TO YOU (single/EP)

CD | Digital Download | Neun Volt Records 2013


The first PET single from the 2013 studio album 'Imitation Of Life'


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by kina, Jack Tennis and Plexiglas

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PET Rewind The Sofa Lady








CD | Gronland Records / Virgin 2006


The second album features PET as a full four piece band and was recorded and mixed in Berlin.


“...their confident blend of hypnotic beats and breezy guitars combine to create an album that could easily become one of the best kept secrets of the year..“ INDIE LONDON


“It’s obvious that Abshagen has the perfect balance between artistic creativity and mainstream accesssibility. REWIND THE SOFA LADY is imaginative and creative pop that is infectious and original. Wheres my eyeliner?...“ SUBBACULTCHA


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PET whip my blue chip








CD | Gronland Records / Virgin 2006



- Whip My Blue Chip (Original)

- Stratojets Remix


"PET haben Sexyness. Des Weiteren: kundigen Eklektizismus, der sich in den Weiten des Pop-Panoptikums auskennt und Beliebigkeitsfallen in einer Mischung aus Coolness und Cleverness weiträumig umfährt. Plus: jede Menge Heckmeck mit Stil. Und das sind nur ein paar der vielen Wahrheiten, die man über Rewind The Sofa Lady frohgemut ausplaudern kann." (Musikexpress)


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CD | Neun Volt Records 2009


recorded at the Cargo/London during the PETUK-tour in May 2007.


"Presenting a brand new definition of perfect sophisti-pop, PET specialize in springy synths, mischievous psychedelia, sharp guitars and an irresistible quirky edge. Combine it all with addictive choruses and effortlessly radio-friendly hooks you have the perfect modern pop group - all wrapped in an ideology at once gloriously classic and spookily futuristic, therefore sounding completely modern. "



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PET snooze








12' vinyl + CD | Gronland Records / Rough Trade 2005


"Feel-good electro pop. From Germany? Before succumbing to his love of 70s space pop, Andre Abshagen used to make obscure electronica in Berlin's Dauerfisch. His PET project mutates the T Rex formula with classic moogs and computer game squeaks to create the most feel-good pop on the planet. " (BBC 6 Collective)



- Snooze Radio Edit

- Boom Bip's Girls In Stripes Remix

- Sole Remix

- Mr 9 Volt Remix


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PET Player One Ready






vinyl + CD | Gronland Records / Rough Trade 2005


PET's debut album.


“Fresh, grown up pop with a twist...a sparkling electronic jewel.“ Q MAGAZINE


"If the cross-fertilisation between English and German rock had started in the early, rather than the late, 1970s, the result might well have sounded like PET. Berlin-based Andre Abshagen plays electro-pop with the emphasis firmly after the hyphen. The lightness of touch evident throughout makes this an ideal summer album, and anyone who fell in love with the Dandy Warhols might just find that Player One Ready could soundtrack the next couple of months rather well." (M.E. Sunday Times)


“Pop of the future“ (Logo Magazine)


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PET No Yes No







NO YES NO (single/EP)

12' + 7' vinyl + CD | Gronland Records / Rough Trade 2004



7': No Yes No Original - Stratojets Remix - Gemma Hayes Remix

12': Michi Lange's Sid Rock Club Remix - Michi Lange's Too Much Water Dub

CD: No Yes No Original - Stratojets Remix - Gemma Hayes Remix - Mr 9 Volt Remix



"Hard to dislike, No Yes No form Berlin's PET takes Becks's "Sexxlaws" to the electro school of cool, and features some fantastically insane lyrics. Lots and lots of fun."

(Jockey Slut)


"PET are really rather fabulous and could well be the next band that are a little too odd to have any right to cross over to the mainstream. These house mixes aren't going to hurt that mission with the original peculiar lyrics slotting perfectly over a distorted jerky groove from the sometimes Boris Dlugosch partner. A darker, more electronic club on the flip works well if you find PET a little quirky, but be warned, you'll be hearing a lot more from these guys and I couldn't think of any PET jokes." (JK DJ Mag)


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PET Superpet






SUPERPET (single/EP)

12' vinyl | Digital | Gronland Records / Rough Trade 2004



- Original Super Version

- Evil Nine Remix

- Toob Remix

- Superdemo 01


"This is an absolute must-have. The original mix is like and to X producing the score to a 70s B-Movie (dreamy synth melody on top of toys going beserk and beefy guitars through a wall of Marshall amps). Staying true to the original live aspects Evil 9 deliver a hypnotic reworking that's equally brilliant (Kinda funked-up joy division) while superdemo offers a bleepy mix and Toob (ex Red Snapper) give it the avant-garde treatment. 5/5."
(DMC / Update Magazine)
"What is this? Breaks? House? Rock? Goodness Knows. It is, however, definitely pacy guitar-led madness with a nice rocky break beat, big knocking congas and chipping high hats. In other words, its a fast paced dancefloor craziness and, although we might have called it big beat a few years ago. It has far more class than a bit of ale-fueled bouncing-about music." (Jockey Slut Magazine)


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